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Close To Home  
  Kate Mellor continues to add to the personal project Close to Home. She says, " I wanted to photograph things that were nearer to me, to look at where I live and the people around me. I was fed up of distance. I wanted to look at roots - the locality where I put down roots and also to consider the roots of photography - the early photographers and the photographic process."
She made portraits of her friends within the landscape where they live using a plate camera and Polaroid negative film, processing on site to view results and to make direct reference to the process that the 19c pioneers used. By asking the friends to wear more formal clothes she not only reflects the conventions of early studio photography with their figurative backdrops but she asks questions about our position in relation to this kind of landscape, what it has come to represent to us. The photograph which introduces the project, George at Hebden Bridge Station, is after August Sander's portrait of the painter Anton Räderscheidt in Cologne.
See Sander's portrait. at